The COVID-19 pandemic has presented incredible challenges not just for the Australian ski industry but globally.  Through the hard work of every citizen and every community, Australia has largely contained the spread of COVID-19, thus enabling a measured opening of the economy and the activities we love. That includes Australia’s ski resorts, many of which managed to operate very successfully over the past summer months, and all of which are now looking forwards to winter. That is great news for the local and regional communities and the 23,000 jobs that rely on alpine tourism.

With winter 2021 fast approaching our Australian ski resort operators are all preparing to operate from June 12 (Queen’s Birthday long weekend).  While expecting a “COVID normal season”, ensuring the safety of our staff, our guests, and the communities in which we operate remains our highest priority. All Australian ski resorts have developed and implemented comprehensive COVID-19 Operating Plans and procedural frameworks which demonstrate strict compliance with government guidelines and address community expectations and concerns.  At the time of writing there is no expectation that public health orders specific to alpine resorts will be imposed on our resorts.  All resorts however will continue to closely comply with industry-based public health orders, such as those which cover indoor venues, public gatherings, and the like.

So, from us it is a big “Welcome Back”!  While the new normal means planning and booking ahead, our Australian ski resorts await you with open arms. It is time to return to the snow and the mountains we all love.


Will the Australian ski season open as normal on 12 June (Queen’s Birthday long weekend)?

Yes!  The Australian ski resorts are planning to offer skiing and snowboarding commencing 12 June.

Will it be safe to visit the Australian ski resorts this coming winter?

The safety of visitors to Australian snow resorts is paramount. Ensuring the safety of our staff, our guests, and the communities in which we operate remains our highest priority. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of the 2021 snow season for everyone, we must all continue to follow COVIDSafe practices – stay home and get tested if you feel unwell, practice good hygiene by regularly and thoroughly washing your hands,  carry a fitted face mask with you at all times and maintain physical distancing by staying 1.5 metres apart from others.

What will happen if there is an outbreak of COVID-19 and government health directives change?

Resorts are well experienced, willing, and able to quickly adapt their operations should there be changes to government health guidance.

Will I need to book and plan ahead?

Yes. With expected demand this season resorts are likely to restrict capacity across a number of services in busy times.  Skiers and boarders will need to continue to plan ahead and must be prepared to book all aspects of their resort holiday in advance.

Where can I find our more information on what is happening?

All Australian ski resorts are committed to providing information to the Australian snow community that is transparent and updated frequently via their respective information channels. We encourage you to check your favoured information channels regularly and in advance of your holiday plans.