As we all now know, COVID-19 severely impacted all Australian ski resort operations this past winter, with some resorts being more affected than others. NSW resorts operating at reduced capacity and managed to continue operations until at, or close to, the scheduled close of the 2020 snow season. Victoria’s alpine resorts were deeply impacted by the stage 3 and stage 4 restrictions introduced across Victoria during the winter season, with only limited operations at best.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented incredible challenges not just for the Australian ski industry, but also for the local communities and the 23,000 jobs that rely on alpine tourism, much of that located in regional Victoria and NSW. From the outset, the safety of guests, staff and communities has always been at the forefront of every decision, and that principle will continues to guide the operations of our resorts into the future. The Australian ski industry is unified in its support of governments and health authorities and the efforts being made to contain the spread of COVID-19, and encourages the entire Australian ski and snowboard community to actively work to be part of the ultimate solution we all desire. The sooner we can beat the virus, the sooner we can all return to the mountains we all love.

The Australian ski resorts would like to thank every single person for their patience, understanding and support through these difficult times. We are now looking towards winter 2021, wondering what new challenges will arise. One thing is for certain, our resorts and snowsports communities are about as resilient and optimistic as one could get. Just as for 2020, we will be there, shoulder to the wheel, Protecting our 2021 Season. Our mountains will be there, waiting with their warm and icy embrace.