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Helmet usage now at 92.3% in Australian snowsports

The Australian Ski Areas Association (ASAA), the peak body representing Australia’s ski lifting and resort companies, is pleased to announce that helmet usage in snowsports in the Australian skifields has reached an all-time high of 92.3%.

In a comprehensive survey conducted in July 2023 across every Australian ski resort, with more than 29,000 snowsports participants counted while riding key ski lifts at each resort, a helmet usage rate of 92.3% was recorded, up from 86.0% in 2021. This reflects the highest level of helmet usage recorded in Australia’s resorts since survey data first began to be compiled. The 2023 result is consistent with the continuing upward trend in helmet usage since surveying commenced in 2013, with only 57.4% recorded in that year.

The ASAA Chief Executive Officer, Colin Hackworth said, “The increase in helmet usage is reflective of a long-term, concerted public education campaign by all Australian ski resorts, where helmet usage is encouraged and recommended. The ASAA Alpine Responsibility Code now specifically recommends the use of helmets in saying:

“Use appropriate protective equipment, especially helmets, to minimise the risk of injury”.


ASAA Statement
What a great 2022 winter season!

Well, our predictions of huge pent up demand for a snow holiday certainly came to pass in 2022. Visitation to Australia’s ski resorts was an all-time record – by a significant margin. This is terrific news for all of the businesses and regional towns that rely on the ski industry for their livelihoods and their well-being. Finally our stalwart businesses and communities were cut a break after what seemed like endless years of bushfires, drought and of course our erstwhile friend COVID-19.

ASAA Statement
Our perspective on the 2021 season and looking to 2022

Well, 2021 certainly showed us that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. At the beginning of the year we thought Australia had largely contained the spread of COVID-19, with relatively few positive cases being recorded in the lead up to the 2021 ski season. Early snow provided all resort operators with hope and a good dose of optimism, and all of us geared up for a great snow season. Bookings were made, mountain staff were engaged and businesses were prepped for a long and busy winter. Opening weekend, particularly in NSW, was incredibly busy and broke all sorts of records.

ASAA Statement
How we see the 2021 season shaping up

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented incredible challenges not just for the Australian ski industry but globally.  Through the hard work of every citizen and every community, Australia has largely contained the spread of COVID-19, thus enabling a measured opening of the economy and the activities we love. That includes Australia’s ski resorts, many of which managed to operate very successfully over the past summer months, and all of which are now looking forwards to winter. That is great news for the local and regional communities and the 23,000 jobs that rely on alpine tourism.