The Australian Ski Areas Association is a not for profit organisation which conducts activities that will benefit the Australian snow sports industry and its patrons.

The members of the Australian Ski Areas Association are the owners and operators of the Australian ski fields. These businesses have formed an association to develop and publish policies.

The key matters of interest to the association are as follows:

  • visitor safety in the alpine environment;
  • administration of appropriate standards of instruction in snow sports (in conjunction with the Australian Professional Snowsports Instructors Association);
  • occupational health and safety for employees and contractors, particularly in relation to the development of safety standards in the use of aerial and surface ropeway transport (ski lifts);
  • development of standards applicable to the appropriate provision of aerial and surface ropeway transport so as to reduce potential hazards to users of the services provided by members;
  • ensuring that appropriate environmental policies are developed for minimising the impact of provision of snow tourism services;
  • ensuring that economic significance of snow tourism in Australia in terms of jobs, capital investment, and annual return is understood by the government and private sectors;
  • acting as an industry spokesperson for matters relating to alpine tourism and snow sport.