Will the Australian ski season open as normal on 6 June?

The Australian ski industry is facing the largest challenge in its history.  The news that non-essential travel and non-essential gatherings are banned indefinitely creates more uncertainty and challenging times for the Australian ski industry, but we could not be more supportive. As a community, we must do all we can to limit the spread of the coronavirus and our Industry is committed to working closely with government and health authorities.  While all resorts continue preparations for the 2020 ski season, it cannot be said with any certainty that the Australian ski season will open as intended on 6 June.

Could the Australian ski season be shortened and open later than June 6?

This will depend on whether the current situation improves. This will require the lifting of bans by governments on non-essential travel and non-essential gatherings with sufficient time left in order to mobilise staff and resort operations.  Individual resorts are working on multiple scenarios, each of which will depend on the circumstances of the time.  It is possible the Australian ski season could open later than June 6.  You are encouraged to monitor individual resorts’ information channels.

If Australian snow resorts open, will I be safe if I visit?

The safety of visitors to Australian snow resorts is paramount. The Australian snow resorts will not operate unless advised by governments and health authorities that it is appropriate to do so.

I have already purchased a season lift pass for the 2020 ski season.  Will I receive a refund if the Australian ski resorts do not operate for the 2020 season?

Each Australian skilift company is formulating its response to the current situation, including its booking and refund policy.  Please check the information channels of the resort that you purchased your pass from.

What can the Australian snow community do to help each other at this time?

This is a monumentally difficult period for all of us. The issues and problems created by this pandemic are complex and they impact good people, their families and friends. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated and to put it simply, your support has never been more important.  We urge everyone to take the advice of medical experts and adhere to social distancing, while ensuring you show care for one another.

Where can I find out more information on what is happening?

All members of the Australian snow industry understand the questions and the urgent need for information at this time. All Members have committed to providing information to the Australian snow community that is transparent and updated regularly via their respective information channels. We encourage you to check your favoured information channels regularly.